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Back on Track for Any Currency – NH Trainer Praises Rug for Back Problems

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Leading national hunt trainer, Martin Keighley has been quick to praise the benefits of using Back on Track products with infra-red capabilities on his horses. Training with success for over a decade, Martin has been using Back on Track for the past year.

Martin said: “Back on Track products are top class and are making a great contribution to our results this season.”


Martin and his wife Belinda were first introduced to Back on Track products by the physiotherapist of one of their owners. Belinda said: “We started using a Back on Track Mesh rug on a horse that had some back problems and we were so pleased with the results, we investigated other Back on Track products. Since then Back on Track has become part of our daily routine and helps the muscles and joints of all our horses.  The therapeutic benefits of Back on Track’s state-of-the-art Welltex fabric are significant.”

Back on Track have developed their infra-red ceramic fabric, Welltex™ into a range of market leading garments and braces to support the mobility and well-being. The fabric has undergone much scientific research and development and has been tested extensively. The Welltex fabric is infused with ceramic particles that a reflect long-wave, infra-red ray. The body responds positively to the infra-red ray by increasing circulation, which can aid muscle and joint relaxation and help avoid injury.

One horse at the Keighley’s that has really benefitted from Back on Track is cross country specialist and former Grand National entrant, Any Currency, who will line up next week for the Glenfarclas Cross Country Chase at the Cheltenham Festival. Martin said: “Any Currency has been an absolute superstar and given us so much fun. He is 14 now and we have found that the Back on Track Hock Boots have really helped his hocks this season. He seems to be moving as well as ever.”

Belinda added: “The various Back on Track garments are simple to use and provide great benefits without creating lots of extra work. All our horses get turned out every day after they’ve been ridden – which you can’t do in a larger yard and we try to do all we can for the well-being of every horse to maximise their ability. The horses wear the Back on Track leg wraps and hock boots where necessary each night. They all travel in the Mesh Rug so we can be sure they will arrive at their destination with no stiffness after the journey”.

The Back on Track range offers clothing and braces for horses, humans and dogs to support supple muscles and joints.  For more information, to download a copy of our brochure or find a local stockist, visit or email

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