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Bigeloil Leg Wraps Eliminate the Mess of Clay

Innovation from Bigeloil® offers an alternative to the mess of using traditional clay to wrap legs and hooves.

For many years horse owners have been aware of the importance of using clay when it comes to their horses’ legs and feet. Traditional leg clay has withstood the test of time but is exceptionally messy, sloppy and time consuming to use.

New Bigeloil Quilted Leg Wraps and Hoof Pads eliminate the mess and are quick and easy to apply while providing the same cooling and soothing benefits as traditional leg clay. The revolutionary Bigeloil application method offers horse owners a fast and clean alternative, using kaolin clay powder and Epsom salts encased in porous quilted pockets. The quilted squares are activated when immersed in a bucket of warm or cold water and can then be easily applied to the leg or hoof and wrapped to hold in place. Removal is just as easy, just take off the quilted wrap and discard; there will be no dried clay residue left on the leg or hoof.

Jaime McKinley, Vice President of New Business Development at W.F. Young, makers of Bigeloil and Absorbine® said, “The use of wraps on the legs and hooves is a very important method of traditional horse care. Bigeloil Quilted Leg Wraps and Hoof Pads revolutionize the experience of applying poultice for an easy and mess-free application.”

Eliminating difficult clean up and heavy tubs, Bigeloil Quilted Leg Wraps and Hoof Pads bring horse hoof and leg care into the 21st century. The convenience of Bigeloil leg wraps and hoof pads make them ideal for use at home or when away at competitions.

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