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Back on Track into the Blue

The best-selling Back on Track Mesh Rug with infrared technology is now available in royal blue as a limited-edition item.

The Blue Mesh Rug is a light-weight multifunctional, breathable rug.  It is lined throughout with Welltex™ fabric to maximise the benefits of far infrared for the wearer. A sturdy and airy mesh covers the layer of thin Welltex to help keep the horse cool, calm and relaxed.

The Welltex far infrared technology means the horse can benefit by wearing the rug prior to exercise to warm up the muscles as well as following exercise to aid recovery and recuperation. It may also be used under other rugs during colder months and provides the Back on Track effect throughout the body.

Back on Track have undertaken extensive research and development of the Welltex fabric to ensure that their products contain the required level of ceramic particles to correctly reflect the infra-red ray to provide the wearer with the maximum benefit to the circulatory system. Increased blood circulation can relieve joint tension, maximise performance and help avoid injury.

The Blue Mesh Rug comes with reinforcing fabric around the neck and soft quilting for the delicate wither area. It is available in sizes from 115cm through to 165cm with an RRP of £194.00.

The Blue Mesh Rug is just one of the many Back on Track products available for horses, humans and dogs. The range extends from horse rugs to boots and human base layers to joint braces. The canine range includes everything from dog beds to leg braces. Each item is beautifully made and lined throughout with the revolutionary Welltex fabric.

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