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Absorbine® Launches UltraShield® Green and Reveals New Packing at BETA International 2020

Absorbine® launched the latest product to join their range, UltraShield® Green, an all-natural body spray, at BETA International 2020 show in January.

With a fresh, herbal aroma to comfort and soothe horses during the warm summer months, it comprises a mix of seven aromatic oils, including thyme, cedarwood, lemongrass and citronella. UltraShield® Green is an effective and non-irritating formula that offers a safe alternative to chemical-based sprays. The product is presented in an all-new refillable bottle with revolutionary nozzle technology for a more even and targeted application. The updated shape offers a large capacity of 946ml with an ergonomic grip for ease of use and helps to reduce hand fatigue.

Absorbine’s® premium products, ShowSheen® and UltraShield® Insecticide are still the same trusted formulas but are now also presented in the new revolutionary, refillable bottles. UltraShield® Insecticide keeps its distinctive black bottle, but with the addition of a unique shield shape to match UltraShield® Green, forming a range to bring comfort and care for horses during the summer months. All three products feature a unique, spray mechanism for targeted application that even works upside down, preventing product wastage and allowing application to hard-to-reach areas. The horizontal nozzle position provides fast and efficient application to the body, whilst the vertical option gives targeted delivery to tails and legs.

These revolutionary new bottles bring superior performance allowing the products to be applied more evenly and effectively for unbeatable results. A rachet lid closure helps to eliminate leakage, making them the ideal companions to take on the road or be stored in lorries.

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